Psychiatric Hospital Care- Restraints

©2010 The Burns Archive
Daguerreotype of an Unidentified Mental Hospital, Circa 1860

©2010 The Burns Archive
Patients Demonstrate Hand Restraints, 1915 (Left to Right) 
1) Camisole (Straightjacket Device) 2) Mitts and Wristlers 
3) Wristlers & Muffs 4) Wristlers

©2010 The Burns Archive
Utica Crib: Control of the Uncooperative Patient 
Established at Utica State Hospital in 1842

©2010 The Burns Archive
Chair Formally Used to Treat Violent Patients 
An Original Glass Negative Taken From a New
York State Asylum in the Early 20th Cent.

©2010 The Burns Archive
Restraints No Longer in Use As of 1933

All photographs taken from 
Patients & Promise: A Photographic History of 
Mental and Mood Disorders, Volume II
Burns Archive Press 2006

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