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See what Steven Soderbergh has to say about Dr. Burns and The Knick in BLOODY HELL: STEVEN SODERBERGH DISSECTS HIS MODERN, 1900S MEDICAL DRAMA, "THE KNICK" 
“I wanted those scenes to be accurate and be graphic enough to be a topic of conversation,” says Soderbergh. “I don’t feel like they’re gratuitous, but they are extremely graphic.” The production team worked with consultant Dr. Stanley Burns of the Burns archive, keeper of the world’s richest textual and photographic record of medical history. “The amount of material we had access to was unbelievable. His five-story brownstone/museum is incredibly comprehensive. We had a bucket of procedures that would suit any story point we needed to make. If we said we need a procedure we can tease out of for this many episodes, or just a one off, we’d call him up and say, 'What do you have?'"

Meet Dr. John Thackery. The Knick premieres Friday at 10/9c on Cinemax.