Hale House Event at Artsource International

     Dr. Burns consulted with Joyce Chasan and the members of her organization Art Source International, LLC as well as representatives of Hale House in their program of the de-acquisition of paintings. The art works by African American artists of the last half of the 20th century are being offered by Chasan in her gallery. A combined exhibition of the art works and African American photographs from the Burns Collection was proposed.
    Joyce Towbin Chasan and Thomas F Knapp hosted a reception in honor of The Hale House for the de-acquisition of their unique fine art collection of Harlem Renaissance Art. These works, acquired over the years from local artists, galleries and patrons supported the important social efforts undertaken by Mother Hale and The Hale House to care for children and families in distress.This collection represents historically important and salient examples of the best of the black art experience. Included are pieces by both members of the Harlem Renaissance movement and modern masters influenced by their vision.