Psychiatric Images in The Ward (film), Village Voice Mention

We are pleased to announce that John Carpenter's The Ward opens today.The opening credits of the film feature several Burns Archive Images. Other films that feature Burns Archive images are The Haunting in Connecticut, The Others and Jacob's Ladder (+ many more).

The Village Voice mentions the images in the opening credits as one of the highlights of the film:

Ensemble Therapy: John Carpenter Returns With The Ward (Village Voice)
By Nick Pinkerton Wednesday, Jul 6, 2011

"...The Ward keeps its claws in a viewer, though it never wholly attains the promise of its opening credits. Beautiful and atmospheric representatives of a lost art, the credits themselves show images of madness, including woodcuts and antique lobotomy photos, on shattering panes of glass whose shards float across the screen in slow motion."

Other Psychiatric Images From The Burns Archive Can Be Found In Burns Press Titles: Patients and Promise: A Photographic History of Mental & Mood Disorders and

Seeing Insanity: Photography & The Depiction of Mental Illness

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